Forty-third in a sentence

1. You were on the forty-third floor overlooking Water Street.

2. The forty-third day without Steffen, today I bought the cloth I like, so I'm very happy...

3. The forty-third day without Steffen, today he has less time to talk with me, but I'm very satisfied...

4. A trial, though, would have meant a forty-third or forty-fourth year, and the thought that Qaddafi would have a last platform for his lunatic speeches was too much.

5. No one knows that he is planning to kill himself next year, shortly after his forty-third birthday.

6. First time I saw him was when he come into Winebrenner's poolroom at Forty-third Street and asked for a job.

7. We ranked forty-sixth in per capita income, but were still forty-third in per capita state and local taxes.