Weldment in a sentence

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1. It is more usual to complete the weldment first and then to galvanize it.

2. Temperature field distribution of weldment , which reflects complex welding heat process, is a basic on studying welding deformation, residual stress and so on.

3. Preheating shall also be applied to the tack welding , when the weldment requires preheating.

4. The UN250 butt-welding machine adopts manual flash prewarming, hydraulic pressure upset mode, is suitable to weld large diameter and section weldment.

5. It is analyzed that electrode surface sticks dirty spot unevenly and electric field varies irregularly during welding the phosphorized weldment by 3-phase DC projection welder secondary rectification.

6. Strength of resistance spot weld is determined by the physical attributes of weldment including material and geometric issues.

7. Special welding equipment must be developed , to achieve Cu - Al pipe weldment in quality.

8. The infrared measuring temperature technique as non-contact measuring temperature method can reflect the heat cycle process of the temperature change along with time of the weldment.

9. The specimens for fretting wear test were cut from the as - weldweld zone metals for qualified weldment.

10. Note: Both parts exactly the same - A 01 ER is called for on 2089355 A 01 (sentencedict.com), A 02 weldment to avoid ordering double requirements.

11. In addition, the brake lever must be bent so that it can clear the steering arm weldment.


  • Weldment in a sentence