Frontier trade in a sentence

1. Inner Mongolian frontier trade is no exception.

2. Finally in analyzes the Xinjiang frontier trade prospects for development in the foundation, proposed the Xinjiang frontier trade development strategic measure.

3. In order to promote frontier trade, the present paper has put for...

4. Mainly includes: one is enlarges to the frontier trade development financial support dynamics.

5. Frontier trade is one of the special trade form between the adjacent countries, and is the important content of the foreign trade in a country.

6. The China's frontier trade is a special manifestation of the China's foreign trade.

7. To Mongolia frontier trade is Inner Mongolia's foreign trade of importance constitute part, will directly influence the stability of the foreign trade of Inner Mongolia and can keep on a development.

8. Frontier trade is centered on the low - cost consumable supplies and consignation trade.

9. As a special way of international trade, frontier trade means the economic connections and communications on the frontiers among neighbor countries.

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10. China ERLIAN CITY SUOLUN FRONTIER TRADE IMPORT AND EXPORT CO. , LTD. is a comprehensive foreign trade enterprise specialized in international trade in China Inner Mongolia.

11. Since China entered the WTO, the frontier trade has constantly kept a fast development.

12. It has historical reference to conclude Zuo Zongtang's achievements and lessons when he revitalized the frontier trade in Northwest China.

13. At preset, the main reason for the rapid development of Xinjiang's foreign trade is the regional advantage. The most important trading form is frontier trade.

14. They possess the autonomy of setting up foreign trade ports and developing frontier trade, and they enjoy the trade management autonomy from state preferential policy.

15. Article 44 The management of export license under the item of frontier trade is implemented in accordance with related current regulations.

16. This paper analyses the course and reasons of Russian financial crisis, its impacts on the frontier trade between China and Russia and China's corresponding countermeasures.

17. Ltd is a professional foreign trade company holding the rights of general trade and frontier trade authorized by the National Department of Commercial Affairs.

18. Xinjiang has established economic trade relationship with over 100 countries and regions, which has immense advantage of frontier trade development and international economic trade and cooperation.

19. Unimaxs International Trade Co. , Ltd is a professional foreign trade company holding the rights of general trade and frontier trade authorized by the National Department of Commercial Affairs .

20. Article 2 The term "imported logs" as mentioned in these Measures refers to the products under the Item 4403 of HS Code and imported through general trade, frontier trade or barter trade, etc.

21. The establishment of frontier ports and the healthy and rapid development of the frontier trade have promoted the process of urbanization in frontier areas.